1. It started as a normal morning in where I lived, I decided to invite my friends over and go somewhere we weren't allowed to, for pranks, I invited Joe and Murry over and we started to go to our destination, it was around 6:30 pm and the wind was howling I just got done chatting on my phone, until we arrived there: The Abandoned Middle School, usually we would pull pranks there all the time, so we went in, it was dark and all we had was a couple of matches, we spray painted and trashed it up until Joe stood still, as if he was part of the wall, we came over to see what was wrong, and he said "I saw something black and Decayed" now before this I watched a marathon of Friday the 13th. And I wasn't spooked but I saw it too, a decayed body sitting on a chair staring at us. when we turned around and walked down a little we saw him again in front of us, he said "want to play a little game?" by this time Murry was no where to be found he probably ran home, Joe was as cold as ice and still as stone, and I, well, I almost died in fright, then we heard something behind us and dragged us into a room, he said LEAVE NOW, but We didn't listen, the weird being killed Joe with a blink of an eye and picked me up and threw me out, I never bothered going there ever again. when I turned around it said Abandoned DO NOT ENTER, how I should have listened, I went home and stayed awake for hours thinking what the fuck just happened, then the guy was at my door, he said, You Should have listened... I jumped out the window and ran probably 3 miles and stayed at my aunt's house. Two months later no one heard of any of us again, and my house was nonexistant
  2. NOTE-- this was placed in El Paso, 1957, the survivor Gabe left these note's in a drawer in his abandoned house.