This is the day, about when the father of the Opchopellla family died.

Police Officer: Dude... It sounded like you ran a train into somethin upstairs.

Billy Opchopellla: Uh, Dad, you might wanna Look behind you

Officer: I'm not your dad

Billy Opchopellla: There's a dancing Couch.

Officer: Billy. Billy. I'm a police officer

Billy Opchopellla: You kinda look like my dad.

Officer: I get that alot.

Billy Opchopellla: What?

Officer: Billy, your father's been missing for 10 Days!

Billy Opchopellla: Oh, ten days. He's just upstairs!

Officer: Oh. Up srtairs? Should I go check?

Billy Opchopellla: Nonono, he was just laying up there he wasn't exactly breathing but laying up there

Officer: Yeah... I gonna go upstairs.

Billy Opchopellla: Feel free.

Officer: Oh well. uh here's evidence, there are Bullet Holes and blood on your steps. What's your story behind this?

Billy Opchopellla: RATS!!

Officer: Okay, rats... So people are shooting Rats with 20k Shotguns now.

Billy Opchopellla: No no, My dad's like "Hey look son I got you a rat" and he chucks it up here. Blood

Officer: And the holes are because?

Billy Opchopellla: Bullet Rats!

Officer: Okay, I can buy that. But uh, why are there blood way ove rhere

Billy Opchopellla: DON'T GO IN THERE

Officer: Yeah cuz I totally won't go in those, I'm opening it! Why is there a bunch of bullet oles in the corner?

Billy Opchopellla: This is where my dad killed my Melon Friend, he talked to me in the dark and stuff.

Officer: You are about 20% percent on your way to a insane asylum.

Billy Opchopellla: No no, don't go in there.


Billy Opchopellla: YEAH!

Officer: Okay, 50%. Plus I'm not gonna comment that your family's eating RATS!

Billy Opchopellla: NO NOT THAT ROOM!!

Officer: What's in this room? WHAT IN TH---

Billy Opchopellla: Oh that's nuttin, that's just Pa! He's been sleepin for a while.


Billy Opchopellla: Have a Nice Day!

Officer: What?

Billy Opchopellla: Have a good day!

Officer: AHH! What in the world is going on in here, I'm gonna hide in this, AHHH!!!

Billy Opchopellla: I'M GONNA GET YOU!!

Officer: AHH! 911! 911! , Wait I'm a police officer, what am I doing? WE NEED BACKUP!! There is a Assult in progress with a insane maniac with a Crowbar! I need back-up! We need back up call the national guar---!

The police officer died that day, before back-up arrived, they finally got to the house but Billy and His Pa was no where to be found, To this day, no one has entered the house again in fear... That is all for this story..